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How often do you hear people calling someone amazing? How often does someone inspire you to the extent that you perform beyond your normal capabilities in whatever you choose to work on? This post will help you learn how to become such an incredible person.

The fitness practices of mine – my diet, cardio sessions and weight lifting, have been such a phenomenal success with people around me that I would like to share a few general tips which you can use to become an inspiration to others in almost anything you do. Being constantly complimented on your noticeable improvement may just be the motivation you will need to become an outstanding achiever and reach the goals you never thought to be so easily attainable.


So here’s a set-up: you’ve got an area of your life which you plan on improving, and you’ve decided to not only succeed, but become someone incredible – impress others with your achievements and inspire them to follow you and improve their lives in a similar fashion.
Want to know the steps to success? Here are just a few. Use them as guidelines to get started, and as you progress, I’m sure you will discover many more ways of achieving great results and inspiring people.


1. Find something you absolutely love doing


I believe that you can really succeed only in something you love doing. Although it is possible to achieve certain results even with activities you don’t like at all, these activities cannot make you an amazing achiever.
You’ve got to be passionate about your intentions, you need to know exactly why you’re doing something and also be excited about it.


When I got started with my fitness program, I was thrilled. To me, getting fit is as exciting a self-improvement project as it gets. I’ve always dreamed of being fit enough to try my luck with all kinds of sports, and although I never let my slightly excess weight be a real stopper, it still was a determining factor in many of my plans.


Every time I go to gym, I’m happy to get another chance to push myself to the limit, work really hard to get one step closer to my ideals of fitness and stamina. That’s what makes every gym session interesting, and this is the motivation I need to exercise every day.


2. Set Goals


You’ve got to set goals and keep track of them. Setting great goals is like finalizing your decision to become an amazing person. Unless you agree on how exactly you’re going to change, there’s a very slim chance that you will make positive progress.


Make it your second nature to not only love what you’re doing, but also be absolutely sure why you’re doing this and how far you will go.


When I had decided on getting into shape and staying fit for the rest of my life, this meant setting a number of goals:


* losing weight (15kg is my initial goal, I will set my next goal once I reach this one)* improving my cardio (to be able to run flat out for 10 minutes at 16km/h)* educating myself (reading a number of books on diets and detoxification)* improving the healthiness of my lifestyle (changing my diet and eating habits, introducing more physical training)
I’m tracking these goals almost daily – making sure I’m making progress and staying aligned with an overall decision on becoming as fit as I’ve always dreamed to be.


3. Think Big


There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious! Don’t be afraid to set yourself a goal which is bigger than average and therefore harder to reach. Plan to push yourself as high as you can think of, and never settle for anything mediocre in your plans.


Remember: mediocre plans and goals will get you mediocre results. A truly amazing person you’re about to become can’t afford an average plan. Think big and try your best to stick to your plans, and you will be surprised how much you can accomplish.


Don’t be disappointed if you can’t follow your big plans to the letter – it is the nature of any


success to put you through many failures before letting you reap the reward. Even if something hasn’t worked perfectly, you still will make much more progress aiming high compared to an average planning approach. If you shoot for the moon, you’ll at least land on a star!


One thing to understand though is that thinking big isn’t about setting unrealistic goals and refusing to do any analysis or risk management. Not at all! But thinking big ensures that you if you plan for some result, you aim higher to achieve more.


If I lost 5kg, it would still be a good result and many people would be very pleased with such progress. Still, I have decided to aim much higher and go for 20kg (44lbs) weight loss. This is a much more exciting goal, and the closer I get to it, the more proud I am because it shows once again how most of my thinking big gets results with due focus and effort put in.
It doesn’t mean I will neglect any risks on my way to the goal though. If I at any stage see that further weight loss would harm my health, I will stop and switch into the weight maintenance mode.


4. Be persistent


For all those achievers who can’t wait to become truly inspiring individuals, I’d like to confirm it: yes, there will be times when your efforts pay off. But depending on the nature of your planned achievements, noticeable results may take a while to appear.


That’s why it is very important to be persistent and keep pushing hard until you’re successful. The old rule of self-improvement works like this: first, you have to commit your time and put your efforts into something, then you get the desired results out of it.


Every working day of the week I try and make my way to our gym. There are days where I can’t do it due to other commitments like business meetings, but apart from them very little can hold me back. If I’m healthy enough to be at work, I’m pushing myself to go and have a workout.


I constantly change my routine, I attend 2 weekly fitness programs, and I have been doing this for so long that I miss gym if I skip it for whatever reason.


A year and a half since I joined our gym at work, I’ve gone through such a transformation that I rarely have a week without discussing my progress with people around me.


They don’t always realize how much effort had been put into getting fit, and therefore my results seem incredible. I always take my time to share my experience and learn new ideas from others, and this helps us all enjoy the benefits of being persistent. After a few months, you become much more patient and therefore relaxed about your results.


In your own time, you will recognize that practice makes perfect. You will prove to yourself and others that only regular efforts and positive attitude can help you achieve results that really last.


5. Embrace your followers


Perhaps one of the most pleasant sides of becoming an inspiration to others: recognizing your followers!

You will be surprised to see how many people are impressed with your improvements, and if there’s one thing you can do to really establish yourself as an achiever worth following it is this: embrace your followers, talk to them and explain your reasons and achievements. Offer your help and work with them to help them follow your steps and achieve similar results.

Most people have a fear that sharing their knowledge will take something away from them, make their own achievements seem less impressive to others. But the effect of helping others is only positive: people will respect you for the knowledge you possess, and will admire you for being able to share it.

 That’s it for today. This list is by no means complete, and I’m sure many of you will have better ideas on becoming an inspiration to others. Please make sure to share them with others by leaving a comment! Thanks for your advice in advance, and good luck with becoming an inspiration!

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