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Polaris Media Group – The Rebirth Of Liberty League International

The Polaris Media Group, founded by Shane Krider in September 2009, is a re-branded Liberty League International (also founded by Krider), the old personal development company. Polaris is an acronym for Prosperity Of Life And Return Of Individual Sovereignty.

Taking it to another level, Polaris is also the North Star, the one that gives directions and guidance to travelers. Founder Krider attached it to the direction and guidance needed by people in taking responsibility for their decisions and their lives.

They offer the same basic product lines as LLI, with the addition of a new line of stand-alone products.


Polaris Media Group has a refurbished range of products from educational and entrepreneurial publications to seminar conferences. Preferred Customers receive a 20% discount from retail price.

Presently, there are three Beyond Freedom products (Departure/Decision/Action). They also have three seminar conferences – a Beyond Freedom workshop, the 3-day Liberty Conference and the 5-day Summit Conference.

Beyond Freedom: Evolution is a curriculum of 3 different 90-day multi-media courses. The package retails for $2855 USD, although they can be purchased separately.

Departure teaches the distinctions that separate successful people from those stuck in a rut. It sells at $625 USD. Decision shows what it takes to make personal choices, retailing for $1,125 USD. Action covers managing and getting more done in less time, priced at $1,600 USD.

Beyond Freedom Live
This is all about how to succeed in life, in business and in relationships. This is the first time people meet their fellow members and mentors. Attendees gain confidence while making new friends. This package retails for $1,695 USD.

Sovereignty Live
Held in exotic locations, this is a 3-day conference for two people and covers goal development, communications, entrepreneurship and wealth creation. Time is also allowed to visit local attractions and adventures. This package retails for $9,995, although it does not include hotel accommodations and meals.

Influence Live (formerly The Summit)
Held at locations like Rome, South Africa and Australia, the 5-day conference focuses on leadership development and applications of proven entrepreneurial skills. Highlights included are world-class motivational speakers like Bob Proctor.

Workshop topics cover strategies for success, wealth creation, relationships, and so much more. The package is priced at $15,995 for two attendees, but does not include accommodations or meals.

Compensation Plan

Any distributor can resell Polaris products with 20% earnings. The wholesale bonus is earned based on “activation” and customer points. A person can earn 20% to 40% wholesale bonus on every sale.

Making 1 retail sale triggers Activation, and the distributor can be his own customer. Each product carries a different point level. The following are the conversion rates of points and percentage bonuses:

1-5 points = 20% wholesale bonus
6-10 points = 25% wholesale bonus
11-15 points = 30% wholesale bonus
16 – 25 points (or 40 Group points) = 35% wholesale bonus
26+ points (or 60 Group points) = 40% wholesale bonus

The future

The refurbished Polaris Media Group already has a worldwide presence in over 150 countries. They say this is the foundation they needed to launch their vision and product lines.

The next years will be the continuation of their commitment to helping people attain financial freedom, so they can have a superior lifestyle with financial strength and assurance.

Now, a perfect plan would have to contain a perfect MLM marketing strategy, wouldn’t it? Polaris Media Group is laying out the perfect opportunity.  So to create the lead flow essential to grow your business with a killer marketing strategy and a mentor that can guide you through the internet world. Take action now! Gain from this explosive trend of online MLM Marketing strategies and give yourself an unfair advantage.

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